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The MV-1 is #1 in Wheelchair Transport

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/29/16 10:35 AM

For those considering the leading wheelchair vehicles for sale, the MV-1 has become the top option for many types of buyer. It’s critical to work with an established leader for bus sales options when reviewing the leading models and in this latest post our team at Creative Bus Sales highlights the benefits of turning to the MV-1 model when choosing wheelchair vehicles for sale.

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Why Your Daycare Needs a Bus

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/19/16 8:20 AM

As kids head back to school, you may find that your daycare is losing business. Most parents quit paying for childcare as soon as their kid heads off to kindergarten.

However, for many moms and dads, the 3:00pm pick-up time poses a problem.

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Our Quick Guide to Vehicle Cleaning

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/9/16 9:00 AM

For fleet operators running a large number of vehicles on a daily basis, a commitment to a comprehensive vehicle cleaning regimen is required for business success. But, few operators have a clear understanding on what cleaning a vehicle involves and how to ensure that larger vehicles are in peak clean condition for use. To help provide expertise on the vehicle cleaning process, our team is presenting their quick guide in this latest post.

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Why You Need Vehicle Graphics

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/1/16 11:03 AM

Many fleet operators are now considering upgrading their fleet with cutting edge vehicle graphics after having bought the latest vehicles for sale. To capitalize on their investment, it’s important they understand the many benefits vehicle graphics can offer to their business. Within this latest post we look at the advantages of vehicle graphics after buying vehicles for sale.

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A Guide to Licensing for Commercial Vehicles

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/24/16 12:30 PM

For transporting goods across the country within commercial vehicles, drivers must obtain special licenses from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The government requires that drivers of commercial vehicles go through rigorous testing to confirm their understanding of the rules of the road as well as their driving abilities. Within this post we’ll present our guide to licensing for commercial vehicles.

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3 Ways a Bus Can Improve Your Retail Business

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/9/16 9:58 AM

As a retail business owner, you are likely always on the lookout for ways to grow your business. Getting the word out about your store can be difficult. Other times the challenge lies in getting people to come give your place a chance. 

If you are having a hard time growing your store, you might consider purchasing a bus for your business. While this may seem like a strange purchase to make, there are actually many ways you can use a bus to grow your customer base. Here are three ways to put a business bus to good use.

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4 Reasons Your Dance School Needs a Bus

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/2/16 1:31 PM

Imagine having the ability to load up your dancers in a bus and go wherever you wish. Suddenly, traveling to competitions, workshops, conventions, and faraway performances would become a lot less complicated. Dance studios everywhere are already jumping on board and purchasing buses for just this reason, but there are even more benefits to owning a studio bus than you might realize.

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The Differences Between School Buses and MFSA Buses for Sale on Today’s Market

Posted by Laura Galijan on 7/29/16 2:22 PM

When buying school buses for their local institutions, administrators must take a number of factors into consideration, including the experience of the manufacturer and the safety features included within their vehicles. But one of the leading questions many are asking as they enter the marketplace is “What’s the difference between school buses and MFSA buses?”. Within this post, we’ll answer the question by highlighting the differences between school buses and MFSA buses for sale.

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