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5 Reasons to Find Retirement and Healthcare Buses for Sale for Assisted Living Transportation

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 6/19/17 11:00 AM

5 Reasons to find Retirement and Healthcare Buses for Sale for Assisted Living Transportation

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When making the decision of what facility will be taking care of your loved one, there will be many things to consider. Regardless of the size of the assisted living provider, retirement and healthcare buses for sale are vital to the overall well-being of each individual, as well as for the facility in general. Having transportation that can accommodate residents will show that you value the quality of their health. Here are the five main reasons to invest in buses for assisted living transportation.

Improve the Efficiency of Getting Residents to Medical Appointments

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Coordinating multiple medical appointments for several people requires excellent organizational skills and often, transportation needs to be arranged. Having on-demand access to wheelchair accessible buses can reduce the logistical problems like paying for outside transportation and working around unreliable public transportation schedules.

Provide More Recreational OptionsEnrich the Residents' Lives-2.png

A heartbreaking reality is that many affordable assisted living facilities simply do not have the resources to provide a wide range of stimulating recreational options for seniors. Investing in a new bus opens up a huge selection of activities such as visiting community centers, museums, zoos, theaters, and more. These simple activities can be vital in the quality of life your residents have.

Help Enrich the Residents' LivesEnrich the Residents' Lives.jpg

Seniors can still benefit from learning something new, at any age. With a minibus you can offer access to enrichment activities such as classes at the local community college, volunteer opportunities, local eats, parks, hobby groups, and more.

Ensure Handicap Accessibility  

One of the main reasons to invest in retirement and healthcare buses for sale is the immediate access to wheelchair enabled transportation. While public transportation providers are required to have wheelchair accessible options, they are often limited in terms of capacity and timing which can create further difficulties when organizing several medical trip for multiple individuals. By investing in a custom handicap enabled bus, assisted living providers are better equipped to accommodate their residents.

Retirement & Healthcare

53533 002.pngImprove Your Selling Power

Transportation considerations are a huge factor for many elderly adults looking into assisted living options. Often, these individuals still want to maintain some independence but may no longer be allowed to drive. By providing on-site transportation options, potential residents are more likely to opt for your facility over those without a bus or other transportation options.

To learn more about the benefits and features of retirement and healthcare buses for sale, please contact the experts at Creative Bus Sales today. Since 1980, Creative Bus Sales has worked hard to become the largest bus dealership in the country.

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