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How Buying an MFSAB for Sale Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 3/9/17 12:28 PM

How Buying an MFSAB for Sale Can Benefit Your Business

When a business expands their fleet, their main priority is improving that business. Two ways to do this is by providing additional services and improving the value and profitability of current services. Investing in an MFSAB for sale from Creative Bus Sales can do both, here’s more on how.

What is an MFSAB ?

MFSAB stands for "Multifunction School Activity Bus" and they are designed to do just that. Also, commonly referred to as activity buses, these vehicles make great additions to daycare centers, churches, community centers, and other organizations. As with many other buses at Creative Bus Sales, our MFSAB buses are customizable to meet your needs.

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5 Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 12/6/16 12:51 PM

Five Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Winter is not just for holiday shopping and dor buster sales, in fact now is a great time to buy a new bus for your business, school, or city transportation department. Here are just five reasons why you should consider buying a new bus from Creative Bus Sales this winter. 

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Transporting Wheelchair Occupants? The MV-1 is Designed For Your Needs

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/10/16 9:30 AM

There are currently more than 3.3 million wheelchair users in the U.S. And the need for a vehicle, or vehicles, in your commercial or government fleet that can accommodate wheelchair passengers will only increase as the baby boomer generation ages and requires additional assistance to get around.

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Fleet Propane Conversions | GAS

Posted by the Marketing Team on 2/4/16 11:33 AM

Green Alternative Systems Fleet Propane Conversion Saves Costs and the Environment

Often in business you discover that sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Investing in the infrastructure of your company can radically reduce costs, fattening your bottom line. For fleet managers, a fleet conversion from gasoline to propane saves money in three key areas.

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Brand Awareness: Use a Vehicle Fleet for School or Church Programs

Posted by Laura Galijan on 1/11/16 10:30 AM

 The logistics of running church activities and school programs for youth are often daunting. Children need convenient and reliable transportation to go to after-school programs, field trips, and to attend community events. With a fleet of vehicles, school or church organizations are able to efficiently transport groups and advertise their mission at the same time.

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