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Bus Tip Tuesday: Four Common Problems with School Bus Systems & How to Solve Them

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 2/7/17 9:00 AM

Bus Tip Tuseday: Four Common Problems with School Bus Systems and How to Solve Them

When it comes to transporting students to and from school, the school bus system needs to be on point at all times. However, these systems are often flawed and create the following four common problems discussed below.

Here's what you can do to solve these issues within your own school bus system.

Inadequate Service Capacity

Having too few operational school buses can create major issues when it comes to getting students to school on time. When a school system simply has too few buses to meet the required demand, several problems can arise, including:

  • Multiple bus transfers
  • Overloaded buses
  • Extended travel times
  • Long bus stop waiting times
  • Late arrival and departure

You may be asking yourself what is the best way to reduce this problem?

Answer: Invest in additional school buses for sale.

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Important Considerations when Considering Mini Busses

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/22/15 1:13 PM

Mini bus sales are a great way to expand your fleet, start a transportation-based business, or quickly replace a vehicle affordable. Be sure to consider these two tips before deciding on the make and model and taking advantage of mini bus sales:

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Debunked: 3 Myths About City Transit Buses for Sale

Posted by Laura Galijan on 3/12/15 7:03 AM

Benefits of purchasing a city transit bus are clear to citizens and leaders of municipalities that have welcomed them. The Prince George Citizen reported that upon the arrival of a pristine medium-duty New Flyer MiDi transit bus to Prince George, British Columbia where he serves as Mayor, Lyn Hall expressed his excitement that, "The New Flyer MiDi will serve to make Prince George's already robust and effective transit service even more flexible, accessible, and accommodating for citizens and visitors alike..." 

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Minibuses for Municipalities

Posted by Laura Galijan on 3/5/15 3:21 PM

City leaders and transit agencies looking for an economical solution to traffic congestion can look no further. Minibuses for municipalities are a great alternative to larger buses that congest streets in cities where traffic is a nuisance. Purchasing a municipality bus becomes an easy decision after discovering the benefits they bring to cities. Read on to learn more.

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Finding the Right Minibus: Like Winning the Lottery

Posted by Laura Galijan on 12/23/14 5:02 AM

Recently, an article appeared in the Northamptonshire Telegraph about a day center in Wellingborough, England that received money from a big lottery fund to help them purchase a needed minibus. They felt truly rich because they could now continue to reach out and help members in the community. The lottery may not be an option for many organizations today but, with the different types of financing options available they can still feel as if they've won by choosing the best vehicle to suit their travel needs.

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Reliable Minibus Transportation for Church Community Organizations

Posted by Laura Galijan on 12/16/14 5:02 AM

Many community church organizations look for ways to help improve the life of those in surrounding areas. Adequate transportation is a great concern for senior citizens and families who may not have access to reliable transportation. Charity leaders look for alternatives to help members of the community overcome their hardships.

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The Concise Guide To Employee Transportation With a Minibus

Posted by Laura Galijan on 11/25/14 3:06 PM

A minibus can be the perfect solution for companies that require transportation of multiple employees between facilities. Many companies overlook the value of adding additional vehicles to their fleet. Whether transporting employees to a neighboring city or across state lines, a bus with reduced seating and better maneuverability may be the answer. 

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Minibus: A Short Analysis

Posted by Laura Galijan on 11/18/14 9:10 AM

While mini-vans tend to cap out at eight passengers, a minibus can increase seating capacity to up to 14 people and provide benefits that are often found in a larger bus. More important than capacity is the diversity that is encompassed by the minibus.

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