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10 Tips for Winter Driving to Keep Buses Running Safely

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 12/8/16 12:24 PM

As a bus driver it is vital that you practice safe driving habits this winter. Whether you've just begun looking at buses

for sale or have hundreds of miles under your tires we have ten winter driving tips to help get you where you are going safely this winter.

This blog should be a part of your winter checklist before you hit the road

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5 Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 12/6/16 12:51 PM

Five Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Winter is not just for holiday shopping and dor buster sales, in fact now is a great time to buy a new bus for your business, school, or city transportation department. Here are just five reasons why you should consider buying a new bus from Creative Bus Sales this winter. 

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Benefits of Large VIP Transportation Vehicles

Posted by Laura Galijan on 2/1/16 9:30 AM

Traveling with a group requires lots of logistics. For example, luxury or high-profile travel may require security from the paparazzi. Business travel in groups requires room for lots of luggage. Luckily, large VIP transportation vehicles may be helpful for the following scenarios:

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Hometown Trolley Buses for Sale Offer Unique Experience

Posted by Laura Galijan on 2/19/15 6:14 AM

People want to have new and different experiences when traveling. After all, one reason for leaving home is to enjoy a change of scenery. Getting around in a cab, or other transportation is not always considered a special event. Riding in a nostalgic trolley is. Throwback to turn of the century design with modern features combines to make one great experience. Two trolley buses for sale in particular provide visitors with a memorable experience.

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Buses for Sale with Executive Transportation

Posted by Laura Galijan on 2/5/15 6:58 AM

Executive transportation providers and small route touring companies need comfortable, stylish vehicles to transport customers. Because executive transportation is not only for limousine, there are mini buses for sale that provide valuable service for groups and business travelers who want upscale help getting around. Small route touring companies need these vehicles to offer a competitive edge and exceed standards.

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Five Questions To Ask A Tour Bus Sales Representative Before Purchase

Posted by Laura Galijan on 12/9/14 3:06 AM

Tour bus purchases are an investment that will last for years to come. For an established tour business, it’s important to provide the best experience. During the tour bus sales process, knowing the right questions to ask is half the battle. Here are the top five questions to ask before signing on the dotted line. 

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Safety Checks For Your Luxury Tour Bus: Part 2

Posted by Laura Galijan on 10/21/14 2:43 PM

Keeping tour bus equipment safe and maintained is important to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. Part one of safety checks for luxury tour bus inspections involves performing general exterior and mechanical checks. Part two will take a look at interior and in transit safety precautions.

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Luxury Tour Bus Sales: Essential Vehicles Part 2

Posted by Laura Galijan on 10/11/14 6:06 AM

Prominent and affluent clients expect top-notch transportation for private tours and a variety of shuttle needs. Catering to the VIP customer means that comfort and luxury beyond the norm are key factors when deciding on a luxury tour bus. We’ve already covered essential buy number one, the Meridian Sprinter. Next let’s take a look at the Federal Coach.

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