9 of the Most Remarkable Buses in the World

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 6/30/17 10:50 AM

9 of the Most Remarkable Buses in the World

Here at Creative Bus Sales we love to honor the amazing creative bus community. All around the world, people get from here to there via bus. Here are the Top 9 strangest and most remarkable buses from around the globe.


  1. The Autotram Extra Grand- This German bus is 98 feet long and has a passenger capacity of 256.18j3ufknz72x7jpg.jpg
  2. The Pikachu School Bus- Japanese students waiting at the bus stop  elight when their mode of transport rollsdown the street. The Pokemon-themed bus is just one of many adorable and kid-friendly school buses in Japan.
  3. The Prince Sultan Bin Fahd Bus- Designed for a Saudi Prince, the luxury charter bus includes an elaborately decorated cabin rivaling any 5-star hotel.
  4. Chicken Buses- Elaborately decorated and often stuffed to the brim with travelers carting everything from groceries to (you guessed it) chickens, these buses are widely used as public transport between towns in Latin America.
  5. WB_F3_TheKnightBus_SqueezingBetweenTwoBuses_HP3-FX-08.jpgThe Knight Bus- Built exclusively for the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Knight Bus is the only triple-decker bus in existence and has toured through England.
  6. Garden Buses- Madrid, Spain is pioneering a new green concept; planting gardens atop the roofs of city buses.
  7. The Chiva Express- Travelers in Ecuador can ride on this unique bus that runs on rails. It goes through a National park and has an open-air upper deck for spectacular views.Unknown-1-3.jpeg
  8. The Amfibus- Holland's amphibious bus functions as both boat and bus andoperates as a ferry in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
  9. TECNOBUS- Fuel-efficient and great for easy urban transportation, these tiny micro-buses scoot around Italy and boast zero emissions as the world's smallest buses.

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