Top 3 RV Organization Tips

Posted by Laura Galijan on 4/25/16 9:30 AM

Fifth-wheel trailers provide users with an excellent and affordable way to see this beautiful country. Now that the weather is warming up, more and more RVers will be hitting the roads to see the sights and get away from it all. 

While traveling in an RV can be quite convenient, and while pulling a trailer gives the traveler plenty of additional cargo space, sometimes staying in an RV can become quite cramped. The folks who design fifth-wheel trailers are quite clever when it comes to storage space and they tend to make very good use of it. Nevertheless, people who are traveling long-term or with several people may find that they need even more storage. 


Here are a few of our favorite ideas for maximizing the storage space in your RV.


Blanket Pillows

Many people don't want to lighten their load by getting rid of blankets for fear of a chilly night. For those with bulky blankets taking up space, blanket pillows may come in handy. To make a blanket pillow, simply fold a blanket and place it inside a decorative throw pillow. These throw pillows look great on a bed or couch, and can be taken apart when the situation calls for an extra blanket or two. 

Wall Organizer

When looking for places to put things in an RV, it is a good idea to find any and all empty wall space and use it. Some good things to use for wall storage include hanging mail organizers and over-the-door shoe organizers. Both of these products have pockets for organizing things and can keep toiletries, papers, and other small objects off the table and counters and out of your way.

Hanging Storage

Another place to look for storage space is up. Anything that can hang from the ceiling and hold things is your friend in the small space of a camper. This could include hanging fruit baskets (for holding fruit, other food items, dishes, and toiletries) and hanging stuffed animal nets (for holding extra pillows, blankets, and coats).

If you haven't purchased an RV yet, and are still considering what would be best for your family, you might think about purchasing one of our Forest River Sabre Fifth-Wheels. These trailers are high-quality, and highly functional. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at Creative RV.

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