How to Be Airport Shuttle Savvy this Holiday Season

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 11/10/16 3:58 PM

Bus tip to make your life easier

The holiday travel season is upon us, and Creative Bus Sales is here to help with Bus Tips. Whether you're a first-time shuttle bus traveler or an old pro, we have plenty of advice when it comes to making your travels easier. Here are three suggestions for riding airport shuttles for those hectic times getting to the airport from your home, or from the airport to your hotel. These few tips might save you both time and money during you holiday travel 

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Is Your Airport Prepared?

Posted by Laura Galijan on 11/23/15 9:36 AM

Many airports have creative ways to transport passengers from check-in points, security areas, terminals, baggage claims, and passenger pick up areas. From subway style trams to monorails and people movers, the days of walking long distances through large airports are over. However, what happens when the transit systems used to transport passengers fail?

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6 Effective Ways To Revamp Your Airport Minibus

Posted by Laura Galijan on 7/28/14 9:35 AM

From a seasoned professional to a new bus owner, these days there are an array of upgrades to consider when you want to revamp your airport minibus. Just a few changes can make your passengers more comfortable and make traveling on your bus as enjoyable as arriving at their destination. 

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