Bus Tip Tuesday: Using Tech to Stay on Track

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 2/14/17 12:58 PM

Bus Tip Tuesday: Using Tech to Stay on Track

Understanding how to maneuver the bus system can be tricky, but if you are smart and tech savvy, you may be able to avoid some of the pitfalls of bus riding. Taking the bus means keeping track of how early to arrive at the bus stop.

  • Tip 1: You should try to be there 5-10 mins early. Although rare, the bus can be early.  Know the traffic patterns.
  • Tip 2: If you're leaving at rush hour, know that you might not be the only one on the bus or on the road.Know the number of bus stops. 
  • Tip 3: It helps to plan out when to head to the front of the bus, and know other detailed information.

This Bus Tip Tuesday, we're going to take a glance at how tech makes riding the bus much easier. Various cities have detailed bus route information on their websites that are easily accessible by mobile devices.

In addition, a good number of towns offer apps that keep riders and bus drivers informed about all kinds of travel information.

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3 Reasons the Bus Should be Your Primary Mode of Transportation

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 1/24/17 11:00 AM

3 Reasons Buses Should be Your Primary Mode of Transportation

If you aren't already taking advantage of the
bus transportation in your city, it is high time you got on board with the rest of us. In recent years, more and more cities have been adding bus routes to their roads, and those cities with long-standing systems have been working hard to improve upon them.

You see, public transportation is truly the way of the future. With more people being brought into the world every minute, we need to find ways to mobilize everyone—both physically and ecologically—and public transportation is the first step in that direction.

Here are three simple reasons you should be using the city bus:

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Should You Have Seatbelts Installed on Your Bus?

Posted by Laura Galijan on 4/12/16 11:30 AM

In 34 states, a law enforcement officer can pull over a passenger vehicle and issue a ticket just because the occupants are not wearing seat belts. In another 15 states, the officer can write a ticket for not wearing a belt if the vehicle is pulled over for another reason, like speeding.

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Safety Checks For Your Luxury Tour Bus: Part 2

Posted by Laura Galijan on 10/21/14 2:43 PM

Keeping tour bus equipment safe and maintained is important to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. Part one of safety checks for luxury tour bus inspections involves performing general exterior and mechanical checks. Part two will take a look at interior and in transit safety precautions.

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Simple Handicap Van Maintenance Tips

Posted by Laura Galijan on 10/7/14 5:37 AM

If you own or drive a handicap van, there are several things that you must keep in mind with regards to maintenance. Although they are very similar to a normal passenger vehicle, there are some distinct differences. To assure the safety of your passengers it is important the following issues be addressed on a regular basis. You or an experienced driver can perform many of these simple checks.

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Bus Driver Know How for Safe Trips Every Time

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/19/14 10:02 AM

All hired drivers should be well trained and experienced. However, it is important to brush up on essential points every once in a while. These points are especially useful for those that transport a number of passengers, whether they are with a retirement home or operating a school bus.

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