Bus Tip Tuesday: Using Tech to Stay on Track

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 2/14/17 12:58 PM

Bus Tip Tuesday: Using Tech to Stay on Track

Understanding how to maneuver the bus system can be tricky, but if you are smart and tech savvy, you may be able to avoid some of the pitfalls of bus riding. Taking the bus means keeping track of how early to arrive at the bus stop.

  • Tip 1: You should try to be there 5-10 mins early. Although rare, the bus can be early.  Know the traffic patterns.
  • Tip 2: If you're leaving at rush hour, know that you might not be the only one on the bus or on the road.Know the number of bus stops. 
  • Tip 3: It helps to plan out when to head to the front of the bus, and know other detailed information.

This Bus Tip Tuesday, we're going to take a glance at how tech makes riding the bus much easier. Various cities have detailed bus route information on their websites that are easily accessible by mobile devices.

In addition, a good number of towns offer apps that keep riders and bus drivers informed about all kinds of travel information.

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Shuttle Buses: Added Value for Your Students

Posted by Laura Galijan on 1/19/16 1:37 PM

Students heading to college for the first time (and those well into their college career) highly prize efficient transportation. Many students don't bring their cars with them to school - or don't want to pay for gas. This presents an interesting scenario, as students want some freedom and colleges want happy students.

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The Growing Trend of College Shuttle Bus Service

Posted by Laura Galijan on 7/22/14 9:07 AM
More and more college campuses are offering shuttle service to their students. Shuttle buses can be a determining factor for students attending your college or university from out of state. Students who don't know their way around a new city will feel more comfortable knowing they can ride a shuttle bus service provided by their college or university of choice to navigate campus and their new town.

Colleges and universities that own shuttle buses often transport students to popular destinations and hubs for public transportation. When students know that the campus has a shuttle that will take them around town, they are more likely to leave their cars at home, creating a safer and more environmentally friendly campus.

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Get Educated On Mini Buses For College Housing

Posted by Laura Galijan on 6/30/14 5:35 AM

As a respected college or university, one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety of your students. For students living in campus housing, being able to ride and utilize University sponsored mini buses is one way they can feel safe and secure while enhancing their college experience. Buses provide students with the accessibility and security they need to explore and enjoy their campus. Here are a few ways your college or university can benefit from buying a college mini bus.

Throughout Campus For Everyone

With available transportation, students with dedicated transportation needs are free to explore campus and visit friends in other housing locations. A

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Surprising Statistics About Young Adult & College Transit

Posted by Laura Galijan on 6/19/14 11:33 AM

Universities may not seem like places you'll find surprising statistics but college campuses across the country are spearheading advances in public transportation. Bus and shuttle services are one part of that; from helping students save on gas prices to helping them travel long distances across several campus locations, university bus services are on the rise. Check out these statistics - some of them may surprise you!

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Getting The Most From Your College Shuttle Buses

Posted by Laura Galijan on 6/3/14 6:08 AM

Colleges act as hubs for activity day in and day out. Each day there are numerous events and activities that occur. What better way to add to those activities than to use a shuttle bus? Of course, a bus is not just a bus when utilized imaginatively -- it’s a conversation starter, an information center, and a mobile billboard. Let’s explore a few of the benefits a college shuttle bus could have for your campus outside of class to class transportation.

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College Shuttle Buses For Today's Student

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/31/14 10:30 AM

Students are changing from generation to generation. One of the biggest shifts in student behavior is occurring right now. University and college attendees are becoming ever more tech savvy and their transportation should reflect that. Let’s explore a few reasons that a college shuttle buses could benefit from to fit the today's student and exactly how that can be done. 

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Benefits of Adding A College Shuttle Bus For Athlete Transportation

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/23/14 9:35 AM

Colleges, big or small, are often known for their sports teams. Of course, you want to ensure all players are able to make it to their games on time and ready to play. Owning a college shuttle bus can be one way to achieve this. With the addition of a shuttle, you can have one or two reliable modes of transportation that can better serve your community. Here are a few ways a college shuttle bus can help you do that.

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Updating Your College Shuttle Bus Service? Consider Alternative Fuel

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/15/14 10:24 AM

If you run a college shuttle bus service then you are acutely aware of the headaches of bus maintenance, fuel costs and vehicle reliability. When it comes time to start replacing units in your fleet why not consider going with alternative fuel powered buses? It's a great time to do it. More and more private companies as well as government fleets are integrating buses powered by alternative fuel like propane and CNG (compressed natural gas). There are many reasons why going green with alternative fueled buses makes sense; let’s explore a few.

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