Don't Let Bus Financing Keep You From Updating Your Fleet

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/27/14 11:16 AM

Fleet operators know when to assess their bus inventory and replace outdated equipment. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows waiting too long for an update can be the death knell of a company. Older buses can become unsafe, unreliable, and inefficient through regular wear and tear. Maybe small updates have been made but it is time for an investment in a new bus. Let’s face it; bus financing is not a task to be taken casually.

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Worried About Bus Financing? You Have Options!

Posted by Laura Galijan on 3/26/14 10:25 AM
Is difficult bus financing keeping you from purchasing a new mini bus? There are options available right through your vendor whether you are looking to lease, finance, or pay in full. Buying any kind of vehicle can be a daunting task, especially when you involve more professionals than you have to. Outside financing when buying commercial mini buses just adds to the hassle, frustration, and the possibility of miscommunication into the already stressful equation of making a large capital investment. 
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