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Life-Saving Technology Will Come Standard in New IC School Buses

Posted by Delia Hernandez on 11/29/18 3:19 PM

Leading school bus manufacturer, ICB Bus, has developed new driver-
assisted technology that will help save students' lives.

Their new electronic stability control improves a bus' maneuverability on slippery roads while their new collision mitigation technology can automatically apply breaks if it senses danger. This technology will provide greater peace of mind to parents who rely on school buses to safely transport their children to school. 

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Creative Bus Sales Provides and Services 100% Electric Buses for Schools

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 11/16/17 12:30 PM

Zero-Emission Buses to improve Air Quality and Reduce Fuel Costs for the Colton Joint Unified School District


Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD), in San Bernardino County, California is on the road to sustainable student mobility with the delivery of two all-electric, zero-emission, American-made Type C Starcraft eQuest XL school buses from Creative Bus Sales, Inc.

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Here is what Vice President of Operations for Creative Bus Sales, Mark Matijevich, had to say about Creative’s vision for a sustainable future:

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The Future is Electric: Visit Our California School Bus Dealership for the Starcraft Quest XL

Posted by the Marketing Team on 10/30/17 4:36 PM

Electric power train technology has progressed to the level where we can finally have zero emission school buses in areas where we need it most.

In August, funded in part by a grant through the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District, two electric buses were delivered to the Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD) in San Bernardino County, California.

These electric buses deliver best-in-class performance in safety, driving experience, and range by using a versatile and modular all-electric powertrain. These zero-emission school buses have flexible seating, support wheelchair access, and can be configured to accommodate up to 8 wheelchairs for routes with special needs children. Built on Ford’s F59 chassis, the buses provide a maximum capacity of 48 passengers and a range of up to 85 miles on a single charge.

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Electric school buses not only benefit the environment but they also protect our children from harmful fossil fuel emission. In addition, the increased adoption of electric school buses has created more employment opportunities in California.

Discover the Starcraft Quest XL school bus fleet, the newest addition in safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly student transportation available at Creative Bus Sales.

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Why Are Seat Belts Not Required on School Buses for Sale

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 5/18/17 11:30 AM

Why Are Seat Belts Not Required on School Buses for Sale?

School buses carry the country's most valuable assets, our children. As such, they need to be as safe as possible, so why don't they come standard with seat belts? Of all current methods of transporting students to and from school, buses are by far the safest, even without the seat belts. Here's how:

The Bus Size Places Children Above the Danger

School buses for sale, particularly the larger ones, are heavy and sit rather high up from the road, which help improve passenger safety. First, the extra weight often means they cannot travel as fast as other vehicles. When collisions happen, the weight and slower speed of the bus in question reduces passenger jarring on impact.

Height also plays a large role, allowing the chassis to absorb much of the impact, further reducing potential injuries.

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5 Bus Safety Tips Your Child Can't Afford to Overlook

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 5/12/17 12:00 PM

5 Bus Safety Tips Your Child Can't Afford to Overlook

Millions of children safely take the school bus to school daily. With Mother's Day just around the corner, we would like to honor all the moms out there and give some tips and tricks that will help your child navigate the bus world. Deciding to let your kids take the bus is a big decision, and for your kids, taking the bus for the first time is a huge step. Check out our guide for preparing kids to ride the bus and learn a great way to track your children while they are on the bus below.

Did you know that school buses are actually the safest form of transportation for your kids to take to school? However, even though injuries are rare, they can still occur. Make sure that your children know to be aware of their surroundings when getting on and off the bus.


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The Basics of Grants for School Buses for Sale

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 3/22/17 11:00 AM

The Basics of Grants for School Buses for Sale

The financial burden of updating a school bus fleet often prevents school districts across the country from improving their buses. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we are dedicated to helping reduce the financial burden with our extensive inventory of school buses for sale for all budgets and needs.

Another option may be to take advantage of the many grants for buses:

Why Apply for A Grant?

Grants are a type of funding that can be used to help cover specific expenses, typically in a particular field, such as retro-fitting fleets, improving fuel economy, or reducing pollution. If you are willing and able to meet qualifications and application requirements, you may be awarded large sums of money to use towards new school buses for sale.

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Bus Tip Tuesday: Four Common Problems with School Bus Systems & How to Solve Them

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 2/7/17 9:00 AM

Bus Tip Tuseday: Four Common Problems with School Bus Systems and How to Solve Them

When it comes to transporting students to and from school, the school bus system needs to be on point at all times. However, these systems are often flawed and create the following four common problems discussed below.

Here's what you can do to solve these issues within your own school bus system.

Inadequate Service Capacity

Having too few operational school buses can create major issues when it comes to getting students to school on time. When a school system simply has too few buses to meet the required demand, several problems can arise, including:

  • Multiple bus transfers
  • Overloaded buses
  • Extended travel times
  • Long bus stop waiting times
  • Late arrival and departure

You may be asking yourself what is the best way to reduce this problem?

Answer: Invest in additional school buses for sale.

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Why Are School Buses Yellow?

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 1/4/17 10:06 AM

Why Are School Buses Yellow? ( And Other Fun Facts About the Iconic American School Bus)

It seems like the bright yellow school bus has been cruising through American towns forever, but it's really only been around since 1939. Before the automobile came along, most kids had to walk to school -- yes, your grandpa's stories are mostly true, though a little embellished, no doubt! In more populous areas, kids rode in horse-drawn carriages known as "school hacks". But with the advent of the automobile, things began to change. So how did we get from "school hacks" with motors to the modern mode of transportation that today's kids board every day?

Read on to learn some fun facts about the history of school buses

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Help Passengers Stay Safe and Warm on the School Bus this Winter

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 12/27/16 12:30 PM

How to Help Your Passengers Stay Safe & Warm on the School Bus this Winter

Safety and comfort are two of the leading considerations schools have when seeking school buses for sale. While the utmost care is taken to ensure that buses are winter ready, keeping passengers safe and warm takes extra effort. Creative Bus Sales has provided some ideas to help keep your passengers warm and safe this winter.

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The Differences Between School Buses and MFSA Buses for Sale on Today’s Market

Posted by Laura Galijan on 7/29/16 2:22 PM

When buying school buses for their local institutions, administrators must take a number of factors into consideration, including the experience of the manufacturer and the safety features included within their vehicles. But one of the leading questions many are asking as they enter the marketplace is “What’s the difference between school buses and MFSA buses?”. Within this post, we’ll answer the question by highlighting the differences between school buses and MFSA buses for sale.

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5 Considerations When Choosing School Buses for Sale

Posted by Laura Galijan on 6/29/16 10:53 AM

Schools bus transit companies must carefully analyze the market and choose buses designed to protect the children they’ll be transporting throughout the year. To determine the optimal safe vehicle for their organization, it’s important company leaders speak with trusted vehicle experts. Our team at Creative Bus Sales has many years’ experience helping clients pinpoint school buses designed for the highest levels of comfort and safety. In this latest post, we’ll present five considerations to make when choosing school buses for sale.

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This is Why the Quest XL Looks Funny

Posted by Laura Galijan on 3/7/16 9:30 AM

There's no question that the Quest XL doesn't look like your average school bus. The front part doesn't extend as far as the typical school bus' does and it throws a lot of people off! They call it funny, but in reality it's very functional. Read on to see why.

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Take Your Pick of Our School Buses

Posted by Laura Galijan on 12/14/15 9:30 AM

Depending on the type and size of your school, you need to think about transportation. Fortunately, we are here to offer you a variety of school buses. There are five different types of school buses available with their own characteristics and benefits. Whether you’re with a small private school or a large district, we can help you find what you need! Here’s a quick breakdown:

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Used School Bus Sales with Alt Fuel Conversions can Result in Significant Savings

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/18/15 12:51 PM

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School Buses for Sale: The Starcraft Quest XL

Posted by Laura Galijan on 2/26/15 7:10 AM

Companies and organizations that are looking for transportation for large groups and are looking at buses for sale need look no further than the Starcraft Quest XL. From transportation companies to public and private schools, the comfort and beauty of the Quest XL is a terrific vehicle to meet organizational needs. The versatility helps set it apart from other school buses in its class. It's this versatility that makes this school bus such a terrific option for many businesses and organizations.

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