Is It Time to Update Your Tour Bus Fleet?

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 8/18/17 12:00 PM

Knowing when to stop putting money into a bus and when to purchase a new bus can be a difficult balance. Buses can be either money makers or money pits for tour companies throughout the United States. Here's how to tell if you need to update your tour bus fleet this summer.

  •  Current Fleet Status

The biggest telltale sign that it's time to upgrade is the current condition of your fleet. Older buses or those with visible wear and tear should be replaced with newer models. Also, if you have buses that had more out of order days than days in service it's a good indicator that you should update your tour bus fleet.

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  • High Maintenance Costs

The older your fleet, the higher the maintenance costs, particularly if your models have been discontinued because parts may become difficult to find. If you have noticed that your costs are beginning to rise, it might be worth investing in new tour buses.

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9 of the Most Remarkable Buses in the World

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 6/30/17 10:50 AM

9 of the Most Remarkable Buses in the World

Here at Creative Bus Sales we love to honor the amazing creative bus community. All around the world, people get from here to there via bus. Here are the Top 9 strangest and most remarkable buses from around the globe.

  1. The Autotram Extra Grand- This German bus is 98 feet long and has a passenger capacity of 256.
  2. The Pikachu School Bus- Japanese students waiting at the bus stop 
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How Buying an MFSAB for Sale Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 3/9/17 12:28 PM

How Buying an MFSAB for Sale Can Benefit Your Business

When a business expands their fleet, their main priority is improving that business. Two ways to do this is by providing additional services and improving the value and profitability of current services. Investing in an MFSAB for sale from Creative Bus Sales can do both, here’s more on how.

What is an MFSAB ?

MFSAB stands for "Multifunction School Activity Bus" and they are designed to do just that. Also, commonly referred to as activity buses, these vehicles make great additions to daycare centers, churches, community centers, and other organizations. As with many other buses at Creative Bus Sales, our MFSAB buses are customizable to meet your needs.

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6 Things to Avoid Doing While on the Bus

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 2/2/17 1:50 PM

6 Things to Avoid Doing While on a Transit Bus or Public Transportation

Using public transportation can be challenging at the best of times. Large crowds and long waits, which can be reduced by investing in additional transit buses for sale, are often made worse when riders break these unspoken rules of public transportation. 

Creative Bus Sales outlines six simple public transportation rules you should be mindful of.



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Bus Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips On How To Pick The Best Bus

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 1/17/17 12:00 PM

Bus Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips On How To Pick The Best Bus

For this very special Bus Tip Tuesday, we want to share with you what the most important features are when buying a new or used bus that can brave the elements with you on your next venture.

Buses can even make excellent recreational vehicles with the right modifications because they're roomy enough to accommodate all of your passenger’s carry ons and all special needs requests. The benefits that a bus offers make for an enjoyable and memorable experience.  

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5 Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Posted by Shayna Johnson on 12/6/16 12:51 PM

Five Reasons to Buy a New Bus This Winter

Winter is not just for holiday shopping and dor buster sales, in fact now is a great time to buy a new bus for your business, school, or city transportation department. Here are just five reasons why you should consider buying a new bus from Creative Bus Sales this winter. 

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Two Things to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Used Bus

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/27/15 11:00 AM

Today, many companies are searching the used vehicles marketplace for a bus that will add to their organization’s fleet. With the improvement in modern manufacturing in recent years, used buses now provide years of dependable use given the optimal maintenance. And so companies are now working with vendors such as Creative Bus Sales to find used bus products that assure lasting performance at a reduced cost compared to new vehicles. In this blog, we’ll highlight two questions used bus buyers must ask before making their purchase.

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Important Considerations when Considering Mini Busses

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/22/15 1:13 PM

Mini bus sales are a great way to expand your fleet, start a transportation-based business, or quickly replace a vehicle affordable. Be sure to consider these two tips before deciding on the make and model and taking advantage of mini bus sales:

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Choosing the Right Used Bus Sales for a Transportation Business

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/20/15 1:22 PM

There are many different types used bus sales and each has a variety of features and benefits that will match with the requirements of the business.  Some of the styles of new and used bus sales that Creative Bus sales carry include: 

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Used School Bus Sales with Alt Fuel Conversions can Result in Significant Savings

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/18/15 12:51 PM

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5 Questions To Ask A Tour Bus Sales Representative Before Purchase

Posted by Laura Galijan on 12/9/14 3:06 AM

Tour bus purchases are an investment that will last for years to come. For an established tour business, it’s important to provide the best experience. During the tour bus sales process, knowing the right questions to ask is half the battle. Here are the top five questions to ask before signing on the dotted line.

1. What kind of selection is offered?

It is important to know what options are available in stock when it comes to make and model. New is great if you’re looking to drive your bus until it can no longer be operated. For some budgets, it is completely feasible to buy a new bus.

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Passenger Bus for Sale: Myths to Debunk

Posted by Laura Galijan on 11/8/14 3:47 AM

For those that have limited experience with the bus sales process, it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction. Some may think the process is similar to buying a personal automobile, while others are certain it is vastly different. For most, the process lies somewhere in the middle. With any major passenger bus for sale, there are misconceptions galore.

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A Few Simple Luxury Tour Bus Cleaning Hints

Posted by Laura Galijan on 10/28/14 10:28 AM

A luxury tour bus is expected to be just that, a luxury item and an experience. When passengers enter the vehicle they expect to be greeted by plush seating and an immaculate interior. Without that a customers experience can be skewed from the beginning. By cleaning the bus between trips, it helps to ensure guests are given top experience every time. To help, the guide on luxury tour bus cleaning offers a few tips and tricks to make sure customers get what they expect.

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Long-Term Savings with Used School Bus Alternate Fuel Conversions

Posted by Laura Galijan on 10/25/14 9:18 AM

After a business has taken advantage of a used school bus to add to their fleet vehicles significant savings can be achieved with alternative fuel conversions. Using compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel source is environmentally friendly, cost effective and safer for fleet vehicles. A conversion kit can be installed on-site after the fleet operator decides on the used school bus that is right for the business. 

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Reflect Before Purchasing a Church Bus

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/23/14 11:57 AM


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Purchasing a church bus is a big decision for any congregation. Perhaps your church board has been putting off buying a new church bus, but the time has come. The problem is the board may not know where to begin their search. What should you consider before you buy? What particulars should you think about before purchase? This blog post was created to provide you with the information you and your board members need. There are plenty of questions that need answers and we want to be sure you're able to answer them.

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