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How New Business Owners are Using Buses for Sale to Grow

Posted by Laura Galijan on 9/13/14 10:48 AM

Many small businesses within the transportation industry should know about how to leverage buses for sale. With the right bus, operations can start much quicker and at an affordable rate. Some of these types of businesses include:

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Think Twice! The Worst Advice About Used Bus Sales

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/30/14 2:59 PM

Buying a bus for your church, school, or organization is a great investment. A bus tremendously increases the opportunities you can offer to your customers and patrons. Plus owning your own bus saves you money compared to chartering or renting long term. However, if you aren't careful, you can fall victim to the worst advice about used bus sales. Avoid these suggestions so you can enjoy your bus owning experience.

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Two Questions Used Bus Buyers Must Ask Before Purchase

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/26/14 2:49 PM

Today, many companies are searching the used vehicles marketplace for a bus that will add to their organization’s fleet. With the improvement in modern manufacturing in recent years, used buses now provide years of dependable use given the optimal maintenance. And so companies are now working with vendors to find used bus products that assure lasting performance at a reduced cost compared to new vehicles. In this blog, we’ll highlight two questions used bus buyers must ask before making their purchase.

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Four Tips to Receive the Highest Return for Your MiniBus Trade In

Posted by Laura Galijan on 8/16/14 9:38 AM

When it is time to replace your minibus with a newer model you have one option: trade-in it in. Otherwise your old bus will take up valuable space and resources. You could also try to sell it yourself, but it takes time and effort to go through the correct processes. A trade in is much more efficient.

Getting the most money for your trade in can be a challenge. Even if you have taken care of your bus, years of wear and tear can make it look less than desirable. To get the most for your minibus trade-in, here are a few things you should do before you contact the dealership.

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Stop Punching The Late Clock With Mini Bus Transportation

Posted by Laura Galijan on 6/24/14 3:00 PM

Many employers worry about their employees ability to show up to work on time. Whether it be traffic, inclement weather, or just the distance away that some employees live, a variety of obstacles can keep employees from punching in on time. One solution is to provide transportation for your employees to and from work.

Who Would Participate?

It helps to know who would participate in a mini bus carpool. Maybe some coworkers already drive together in the morning, leaving their

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Used Church Buses: Floorplans You Didn't Consider

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/12/14 7:40 AM

Looking for a used church bus can be a hassle. It may seem at first glance that there aren’t many flexible options for those looking to get a bus for their child ministry, or Sunday service transportation. While it may be tempting to ask a salesperson for a standard bus configuration, consider some of the other options that may be available from some unlikely sources.

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Similarities & Differences Between Church & Tour Bus Sales

Posted by Laura Galijan on 5/8/14 7:06 AM


Both churches and tour companies find themselves in need of additional transportation options.

Though there can be some identical features to their clients and community, the buying process and use for the buses can be completely different. We’ll look at a few similarities and major differences that tour and churches face when looking to purchase and operate a vehicle.

Diverse Community

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Are You Buying A Headache? 4 Reasons People Hate Shopping For Used Buses

Posted by Laura Galijan on 4/30/14 8:23 AM

Your budget is tight, but in order to improve that you need to expand your fleet a little. That's a catch-22, isn't it? You need to make more money to expand, but you need to expand to make more money. So you find yourself looking for a bargain in the used buses listings. It can be agonizing. Here are four reasons people hate shopping for a bus, and some of the benefits that can come from those follies. 

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